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What is white label payment gateway: Best white label payment gateway India

What is white label payment Gateway

Before jump to the best white label payment gateway in India lets understand the basic concept of white label payment Gateway. White Label is a model of collaboration involving the development of goods or services by one company and the formation of another business under its own name.

A white-label payment gateway allows a business to offer payment processing services under its own branding, while the actual processing is done by another third-party service provider, payment gateway provider.

Imagine two firms, A and B, and in white labeling business B would allow business A to use and rebrand the goods or services they produce. 

In the case of a white label payment gateway company / third party enables another entity under its name to provide payment processing services. The company can rebrand third-party service established.

The key benefit of this method is that it saves sellers time and money in producing the required services from scratch (which can be very time-consuming without proper knowledge

Types of white-label payment gateways

Complete White Label Payment Gateway solution

This will allow you to resell the entire payment gateway solution for some small commission to other users, while all payment processing is done using your brand name. Suppose you want to start a payment processing company but, to get compliances and other resources available, it is a very hectic operation.

White Label Payment Accepting Brand-

Many companies don’t want to accept other brand name payments. Some payment gateway companies let you accept payment on your own behalf.

Benefits of white label payment gateway

  • No need to invest millions of dollars to develop a processing platform for payment technology, that you can label white. 
  • No need to wait every time from each bank for bank approval to enable their card and net-banking options, you can use a net-banking pipe at one place. 
  • It is necessary to invest money in marketing, especially for start-ups, Branding, and business development because you need the best talent to showcase your products on the market here, the rest is available though.
  • You can make a chunk of TDR / MDR sharing dollars for every transaction processed by your merchants, and also earn a one-time setup if they are looking for customized TDR rates for their business.
  • You ‘re not going to have to invest in a server, tech infrastructure, PCI-DSS lenience, banking partnerships, and much more. 
  • Live on Day 1, if you start your payment gateway with the white label and that would be ultra-fast to start your company.

Disadvantages of white label payment gateways

  • Typically you can customize the one look-and-feel user interface. The solution does not allow you to do a lot of customization and add unique modifications 
  • You can run into problems when different companies use the same hardware

 Best white label payment gateway India

PAYMENTZ Payment gateway

Best white label payment gateway India,white label payment gateway India

The platform is a flexible, global White Label Payment Portal that enables acquirers, payment service providers (PSPs), and independent sales organizations (ISOs), to transact quickly and easily. The platform includes merchant API, documentation, and merchant login sites which can be completely rebranded to suit your brand. The PAYMENTZ Platform allows processing multiple international processes 24x7x365


White Label Merchant Back Office

  • Customizable back office system complete with brand branding 
  • Your Logo, The URL 
  • Email your client update 
  • Completely Responsive Interface which supports multiple resolutions and devices like desk stations, tablets, and smartphones. 
  • Powerful dashboard which provides actionable insights based on real-time transaction analysis
  • Multi-level Consumer Assistance for access rights management

White label Standard checkout

  • Completely sensitive payment page that can be tailored according to your brand & identity, or can be configured according to the identity of your merchant.
  • Responsive Website 
  • Multiple-language assistance 
  • Customize to reflect Merchant / Partner identity like Logos URL and theme color

Ready to Use Shopping Cart Plugins

     Ready to use third-party plugins will enable merchants to easily integrate with their existing shopping cart. 

  • Magento
  • Magento 2.0
  • Opencart
  • OsCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • ZenCart
  • Woo Commerce

Multiple Payment Instruments

PAYMENTZ platform offers various payment solutions to meet the needs of the various businesses and merchants.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

PAYMENTZ Platform applies dozens of fraud rules and fraud engines from external partners for each transaction processed. 

  • AVS – Address Verification System
  • Fraud Scrubbing
  • Whitelisting & Blacklisting (Bin, IP, Email, Country …)
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Limit & Velocity based restrictions
  • Dynamic Rules using our Risk Engine

Easy Merchant Management

  • PAYMENTZ offers a powerful platform for all of their merchant accounts to be handled.
  • Boarding Administrator – Handling Trading Program
  • Threat Tracker–Vendor Account tracking
  • Set-up of merchant account via Partner Interface
  • Managing chargebacks, frauds and lawsuits with different vendors
  • Report of the Real Time Anti-Fraud, Refund, Chargebacks…

Bharatipay Payment Gateway

best white label payment gateway

Bhartipay is a dynamic and highly professional provider of e-Payment services. It provides Fintech services worldwide, using the internet and payment platforms of the best standard. Bharatipay online payment gateway services provide white label solutions, e-payment wallets, e-commerce, online remittance, and merchant account services.

PCI DSS certification, which protects cardholder data against data and information heist.


Flexible Modules Based structure

  • Multi-modules together form the white label payment gateway method.
  • You only need to make the payment for the required modules. You can Integrate the report program with white-label payment portal solutions for resellers.

Relatively Affordable payment solutions

It is highly priced relative to other payment solutions. In Bharati white-label payment gateway solutions, there is no need to build stuff from scratch, as they have cost-effective ready-made solutions to suit your needs.

Advanced Payment Tokenization

Tokenization is done to ensure the data is safe. Regular customers of merchants can make the payment without entering the detailed payment details. The token removes the number of the card, and the number of the card can only be recovered for expired tokens. Most significantly, it encircles card transactions with a separate layer of security.

Advanced Fraud Prevention

Bharatipay white label Payment Solutions provides advanced protection for retailers and consumers from back-up charges. It has a high-tech security module that allows payment limits to be set, monitors the customer’s activity statistics, detects the medium by which payment is made, creates security measures to detect fraudulent acts, and reports fraud activities without further ado. In addition to this, it eliminates possible fraudulent transactions. So, Safety settings are conveniently accessible at the level of the vendor, shop, and payment system.

Safexpay payment gateway

SafexPay Offers White-Label payment gateway solutions for banks, aggregators, IT resellers, PSP & ISOs in different countries.Safexpay is completely compliant with the White-Label model, which ensures that it can be implemented in your brand and operated by your own employees. This is appropriate for organizations of all sizes, from SMEs to international financial services firms. The system can be implemented very rapidly and cost-effectively in any number of configurations. The platform uses state-of-the-art technology to provide sellers with a user experience that is secure, simple to use, and enhances their day-to-day transactional needs.

Certainly, all the nest white-label payment gateways in India can offer some useful features. If you are willing to stay away from the existing and old-fashioned reselling network, you can opt for white-label payment gateway solutions. Not only will it help you gain value from your customer experience, but it will also give you a chance to market your brand.

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