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Shopify fast pay: Shopify new faster checkout option

so in this post, I want to talk to you about Shopify Fast Pay: Shopify New Faster Checkout Option. So that can let customers get even faster through your checkout process

So there is a new Shopify checkout option called shop pay that just launched and it’s available. if you have Shopify payments enabled for your Shopify store and you don’t have Shopify payments enabled and you’re using another payment provider like or PayPal. you sadly won’t be able to use this specific functionality.

shopify fast pay

 However, if you do have Shopify payments set up for your Shopify store it’s really easy to enable. And we’ll show you how to do that in just a second so Shopify’s fast pay is a new experience.

accelerated checkout Button

the first part is actually on your Shopify store so it has a button and it’s called an accelerated checkout. so on your actual product page, you can see this play button and it quickly as soon as you hit this button it quickly takes you through your checkout process.

 if someone has already used shop pay on another Shopify store then it makes all this pre-filled information already in there so it’s even faster.

 if someone may have already actually input their information on another store and have that already auto-populating into yours is pretty high so it can make the checkout process even faster and you can easily convert them into sales 

Download Shopify fast pay app

the second part of this is an app for customers that they can actually download 

if you go to you can download the app there but what this does for customers is see other potential shops that have similar products that they might like.

you get some extra visibility there but it also lets customers see all of their information together.

 And stores that they’ve already purchased from in the past as well as they can see those past orders and easily track them all from one space. so they don’t have to have all these different tracking codes and information through the email form.

 it’s all in one place in this app so they can easily manage their orders that they’ve purchased online.

Shopify’s fast pay makes it a really nice seamless process for the customer. If they’ve decided to download the app but even if they don’t download they can still get faster check out in your Shopify store 

How to set up Shopify fast pay

it’s super easy all you need to do is log into your Shopify store backend and go to settings in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

 once you’re on the settings main page you’ll then click on payments so once you’re on your payment options.

see your Shopify payments area you’re going to hit manage in the top right-hand corner of that and you can see all the different credit card options that you have enabled or disabled.

You can see it right there from the list so it may actually already be enabled by default on your store. but I definitely recommend that you go in and check and make sure that this functionality is enabled for your customers to start using. people may still actually abandon their cart order and still not go through the checkout process. it is a faster process and their information already auto-filled in the hope it can bring to a higher conversion rate for your Shopify store.

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