paypal vs square which one is better for your business.Square or Paypal.Square and Paypal

Square Vs Paypal: which one is better for your business

Features Square Paypal

Account Fees

Express checkout: free Payments standard : free Payments Pro: $30/month

Credit Card Processing Fees

POS & mobile: 2.6% + 10 cents Online: 2.9% + 30 cents Virtual terminal: 3.5% + 15 cents
Mobile: 2.7% Online: 2.9% + 30 cents Virtual terminal: 3.5% + 15 cents (requires $30/month account)

Payout Times

Two-day payouts on average
Funds available immediately

Ease of Use

Accept PayPal Payments
not available

Online Invoicing


Ecommerce Inegration


Retail POS & Business Management Features


More Information

Here we are comparing square vs PayPal to find out which one of these is better massive online payments and mobile payments.

 As we know PayPal started as the innovator of online payments with its partnership with eBay. Square started in 2009 as a mobile payment provider. You’ve seen that little white square that you plug into your phone and you can swipe a credit card. Both of them have really grown into a bigger product ecosystem and so their offerings are much bigger now. 

So beginning with products and services the real challenge is that PayPal and Square have really expanded their product and service set. They’re touching everything their lenders now they have full-fledged point-of-sale systems.

We’re gonna break it down into three separate areas like mobile payments or mobile point-of-sale online payments invoicing and virtual terminals. We’ll look at each area and find out which one of these providers excels in that specific segment.

Square and Paypal Mobile point-of-sale


So starting with mobile point-of-sale both Square and PayPal offer everything that you could ask for from a very standard point-of-sale system. if you want to accept credit cards on your phone or your tablet. Whether it’s an iOS or an Android-based device you can do so without any problems. 

PayPal offers compatibility with some windows-based devices. but it’s a very limited amount for most of you the iOS and the Android compatibility will be plenty. If you swipe cards you can do the chip-and-pin you can key in transactions. You can run or manage inventory and scan barcodes and run receipts. But if you’re looking for a more feature fledged or a full-fledged point-of-sale system I would say that square beats PayPal.

Squares POS has a little bit more of an in-depth inventory management system and offers an offline mode. If you’re on the go you don’t have internet access you’ll be able to process credit cards without any trouble. Also in addition to squares basic mobile point-of-sale system. Same like this they have some premium options like square register and square for retail and square for restaurants. These features really encompass every type of business environment that you could think of. If you’re running a restaurant and looking for a more in-depth and robust point-of-sale system Square is the winner here.

Square vs Paypal online payments

We all know that PayPal has been dominating online payment for years and it’s still doing so. If have to choose an online payment processor I would still go with PayPal. Because it’s one of the most widely accepted forms of payment online. Square started as a mobile payments processor they haven’t fully developed their online platform. Square is trying to increase its footprint in the online space. They recently purchased an online shopping cart called Weebly and so they’re growing. But I would have to go with PayPal just because of all the options they offer with just PayPal buttons. 

integrations and add-ons

 Paypal and square have invested heavily in creating an ecosystem where they integrate with third-party applications. But Square, as opposed to PayPal, has really focused on building add-ons. Square not only integrates with acuity Center scheduling but they also have a square branded add-on that you can use. You can either keep everything under the same roof or stay with Square and expanded by using add-ons. You can use integrations and connect your third-party applications to your payments platform. In this regard, I would say that Square is the winner. Square is offering a ton of integrations they’re also building their own add-ons like booking restaurant management online ordering.

customer service and technical support 

I’m gonna say that customer service and technical support neither of these companies is up to the mark. Both are such large companies that they’re dealing with such an inflow of customer support requests. But the best way to really interact with these guys is that they have a ton of information on their website for do-it-. So it’s a knowledge base that you can find on PayPal a frequently asked questions page. On the square, if you can troubleshoot the problem yourself then you’ll be able to find the answer. I think both of them could be doing a much better job of being very clear about the types of businesses that they accept and they don’t accept. Because we’ve heard a ton of complaints about accounts getting held accounts getting frozen and shut down.

Fee and Transaction charge

Square and PayPal have very similar offerings when it comes to fees and rates. PayPal for swiped dipped or tapped transactions will be 2.7 percent. whereas Foursquare it’ll be 2.75 percent now that point all 5% is very negligible if you’re processing at a low volume. but for businesses that are higher volume obviously those fees can add up but high volume businesses also have more negotiating leverage.

They would be able to negotiate their fees down with either PayPal or square. when it comes to online transactions both PayPal and Square have the same cost 2.9% +30 cents a transaction. If you want a key in a credit card. both Square and PayPal offer very similar prices. an e-commerce platform, of course, that’s gonna cost you more 

Paypal vs Square User Reviews

 PayPal and square the biggest complaint is that they hold and the freezes and the shutting down the merchant accounts. Most people are generally more inclined to complain about something than they are to praise.

If we look at the positive side that most merchants love square or the ecosystem for the fact that they have all these add-ons and all these features under the same roof. Square has given so many businesses the ability to accept payments on-the-go that they couldn’t have has taken a ton of what we call micro-merchants that used to accept cash at some sort of festival. 

PayPal users love the fact that it’s so easy to accept online payments. All they have to do is just create an online payment button with PayPal and add it to their website. it is that you might be selling so there are definitely major positives to both Square and PayPal.we always hear about the negative reviews and the complaints but to shed some light on the positive side there’s a ton to like about both Square and PayPal. 

Square as a winner

We pick Square as the overall winner on comparing square vs PayPal but depending on your specific scenario. It makes sense to either go with a square or with PayPal.If you want a really retail-based point-of-sale system with a ton of features and accept payments on the go with a great point-of-sale app on your phone that Square is the winner, If you’re trying to accept online payments and you want to integrate a PayPal button or a Buy Now button into your website then it makes more sense to go with the widely available and the more popular online payments platform of PayPal.

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