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What is zebpay bitcoin wallet app and how to open an account

In today’s time, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is becoming a very famous digital currency. This virtual currency is being bought a lot by people. Virtual currency is called a currency that we cannot see and touch. In today’s time, whoever has the money wants to earn profit by investing in the right place. If you too are thinking of investing your money at the right place, then Zebpay is a place for you. Through which you can invest in bitcoin cryptocurrency. Even though the risk is very high in this, there are many people who want to invest in it and for those people today we are giving detailed information about Zebpay in our article. let’s start now question tag What Is Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet App And How To Open An Account

What is Zebpay wallet app: (What is Zebpay service)

Zebpay IT Services Private Limited is an independent limited company incorporated under the law of India. This company has its own registered office, which is located in Ahmedabad. Those who directly or indirectly avail of the services of Zebpay are called Zebpay consumers.

Terms and conditions of Zebpay

Only a person resident under India and a person under the law can become a user or consumer of Zebpay, apart from this, any person who is not covered under the law of India, cannot avail the services of Zebpay. Zebpay is a kind of contract (written agreement) between the company and its consumer. Under which the users are bound to follow all its conditions. Whenever you create your account on Zebpay, you are given some conditions by the company. When you read those terms well and agree to them, then you have to click on the Next button and give your consent. After doing this you become a consumer of Zebpay. Before becoming a customer of Zebpay, it is necessary to keep in mind that Zebpay can improve or change its policies at any time.

How To Open An Account

If you want to take advantage of Zebpay’s services, you can use Zebpay Android app, Zebpay iPhone app or Zebpay’s website www.zebpay.com, etc. If you open your account using any of Zebpay’s services, then it is addressed by the name of the user account itself. If you want to become a user of Zebpay, then you must know that Zebpay offers, the amount offered, its deadline is already set.

Zebpay service drawbacks

If you are thinking of investing your money through Zebpay service, then you should know about the information related to Zebpay services. Below we are giving you important information related to Zebpay-

Cryptocurrency is bought and sold by Zebpay, currently, we can only buy and sell bitcoin cryptocurrency using it. Zebpay also has a number of flaws, such as Zebpay is neither the creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, nor is Zebpay in their hands, nor is Zebpay responsible for its price in the global market. Zebpay is only a tool for using cryptocurrency.

Zebpay does not give any type of warranty in its services. Consumers who are taking advantage of Zebpay’s services, they operate completely at their own risk. If there is any loss to the consumer, then Zebpay will not be responsible for it. Zebpe also makes it clear in its contract that no warranty of any kind is given by Zebpay.

Zebpay service can be used only in India, with this, the consumer is strictly forbidden to spread his business to some parts of India. There are many places in India where cryptocurrency is not recognized. If any user uses Zebpay from a prohibited jurisdiction, Zebpay can revoke its recognition at any time.

Zebpay’s consumer should know that till now cryptocurrency has not been recognized for any kind of trade or payment in India, Reserve Bank of India has also given three press conferences to be alert about the use of cryptocurrency. is.

Zebpay may be committed to any other organization to make its services easier. In this situation, the personal information of the consumer is also given to that other institution and at this time Zebpay does not take responsibility for the confidentiality of the consumer’s data.

All the rules of Zebpay will be the same for all new and old users. Zebpay is free to change its terms as and when required, the written information of which is sent to its consumer. If the consumer does not agree with these changes, then he can immediately decide to leave Zebpay’s services. And if the consumer does not do this then it means that he agrees to all the changes.

Scope of Zebpay services:

Currently, Zebpay provides its customers with registration to use cryptocurrency, so that they can use it. Now in Zebpay’s upcoming services, consumers will also be able to transact or trade cryptocurrency among themselves.

The consumer can buy cryptocurrency through Zebpay and invest their money in it and can also be sold if needed. Zebpay  any type

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