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Best buy now pay later apps in India: Which is Better and Why ?

Before I tell you about Top 6 Best Buy Now Pay Later apps in India I tell you what is these apps and why we need it?

Although it’s very easy to order or recharge food, buy something. Just Scan, choose, tap, pay and You’ve got your food or your mobile delivered. But there are times when you run out of money, and it’s very hard to finish the last few days of the month.

Well, not free, but later you can payback. So, you ‘re going to order now, and your credit payer is going to pay.

The best part is that you can pay them back later, even interest-free if you pay within the first week of the next month. So, what are the best options available at the moment to pay later? We’ve decoded a whole article to test some of the best Buy now pay later apps in India to see who works best.

Before we start, remember that we’re here to evaluate apps that offer free credit with pay later options that offer you instant loans directly to your bank account.

Top 6 Best buy now pay later apps in India:

 1. Lazy Pay 

LazyPay is the best to buy now pay later app in India right now. This is part of PayU, a leading provider of financial services. It comes with three different products: pay later, instant personal loan, and EMI. You can immediately sign up for lazy pay with your mobile phone.

According to its official website, LazyPay is approved by over 100 merchants. After a 15-day period, you can settle the entire amount. The bill due and payable on the 3rd and 18th of each month. With LazyPay, you don’t have to worry about missing your due date because they consistently deliver reminders.

Visit Lazy Pay Website

2. Simpl:

Unlike Lazy Pay, Simpl also offers you to pay for free credit at a later date.They ‘re offering you a loan, so you just need to pay them back later.The app offers you a credit quota, and you have to pay it back at no interest until the first week of next month.Simpl is available on the best known Booking app, BookMyShow.

Visit Simpl Website

3. Epaylater

IRCTC has a new pay feature called an Epaylater.EPayLater has a high credit limit of Rs. 20,000. You’ll have to register for the pay later service in your PAN or Aadhaar and Mobile number. You can recharge your cell phone, book bus tickets, hotels, and pay for your online food delivery services. If you want to fly, you’ll love the pay later app. You can opt to pay later facilities on different portals such as IRCTC, eTravelsmart, Travel Yaari, etc.

Visit EpayLater Website

4. PayLater by ICICI

Paylater by ICICI  is a virtual credit line with zero interest. The service allows the customer to buy an amount up to the bank’s higher limit and to repay it without any interest within 45 days. Even if the consumer refuses to pay the borrowed amounts before the due date will regular penal interest be paid for the unpaid total amount. The immediate credit availability allows the user to easily access the necessary funds when needed.

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 5. Amazon Pay Later

Amazon Pay Later is the easiest way to get instant credit through a fully digital platform for transactions using EMI on once-installation process will not take longer than 2 minutes, and you do not need to give information about the credit card. If the setup is complete, Amazon Pay Later payment options can be used during check-out on and billed later next month or over EMIs ranging from 3 to 12 months.

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6. Zest money

ZestMoney is another best Buy now pay-later service India. Users could apply for a voucher/loan to shop on partner sites and provide details such as product name, voucher/loan number, contact details.ZestMoney will provide users with a voucher code to buy. The amount of the loan can be repaid to the EMIs.ZestMoney is available around 100 + e-commerce sites, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Cleartrip, MakeMyTrip, and PepperFry, among others.

Buy now pay later apps in India provides a simple payment option particularly for people who make a lot of online transactions. These apps will also help you earn extra money by deferring payment to various traders for 14 days. Through this way, the money through your bank account will make a return in the form of interest.

It may look like a small amount, but when we see it from a long-term perspective, it is certainly advantageous to delay payment for a few days by using these later pay apps. However, the ease of payment can also have a drawback, as it may lead people to spend more. That’s why you need to be careful when using some of the pay apps later

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